Fine Arts

Music & Drama

Music and drama are both components to a classical education at The Geneva School. Learning music theory is like learning another language. Drama and productions let students experience poetic knowledge about the literature and plays they read in class and at home. Therefore, at Geneva, we offer music and drama for students to participate in. We place a strong emphasis on the fine arts and specifically performing arts, because they help students become comfortable with public speaking and lay the foundation for the Rhetoric stage (of the Trivium) in their education, where eloquence in speech and speaking is critical. In putting together these yearly productions, it is always the goal to integrate aspects of music theory & appreciation, art, movement, recitation skills, poise and self expression as part of our journey.

4th-8th Grade

Throughout the year we are teaching students to value a well- turned phrase as they read great books and learn to write descriptive stories and essays. They learn to understand the roots of our language by studying Latin; they discover the uniqueness and etymology of individual words through spelling; they figure out how words work together through grammar study. Every week in writing class, the fifth and sixth graders play with words and phrases as they invent numerous ways to creatively phrase one single sentence. They study poetry and learn the tools, the tropes, and figures of description a writer uses to compose.