Heather Pechous

Mrs. Pechous

Third & Fourth Grade Science Teacher

Heather Pechous is the 3rd and 4th grade Science teacher at The Geneva School and 2020-2021 marks her second academic year with the school.  Heather delights in inspiring students’ love of God through studying His wonderful creation.  Last year, Heather’s students learned all about the constellations of the Northern hemisphere and the heavenly bodies. This year, her science scholars will learn about Carl Linneaus, creator of the binomial taxonomy of living organisms; the students will also discover aspects of the Animal Kingdom, and several species of mammals in particular.  Heather enjoys augmenting lessons through projects and through the lenses of history (including biblical), classical literature, music, and art.  She has been married to her dear husband Jim since 2005 and they share two sons who happily and gratefully attend The Geneva School.  Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Tennessee, is a certified beekeeper through the California Master Beekeeper Program at UC Davis, and is an executive recruiter in the cyber security industry.   She enjoys going to the beach, reading, beekeeping, hiking and camping with her family, her four backyard chickens, playing with her family’s two Golden Retriever puppies, and singing with the Pacific Chorale.