Statement of Faith

The Geneva School is a Protestant Christian school which does not teach a specific denominational set of beliefs. The following is the foundation of beliefs on which The Geneva School is based.  They are also the key elements of Christianity that will be unapologetically taught in various ways through all grade levels. The substance of these statements is that which will be considered primary doctrine at The Geneva School. Secondary or divisive doctrines and issues will not be presented as primary doctrine. When these types of doctrine or issues arise they will be referred back to the family and local churches for final authority.



We believe that the original manuscripts of the Old and New Testament comprise the full, word- for-word, truthful, inerrant Word of God which is the supreme and final authority in doctrine and practice.  (Isa. 40:8; II Tim. 3:16-17; Heb. 4:12; II Pet. 1:20-21)


We believe that as Eternal Father, He is the Father of all men in the non-salvation, Creator- creature sense, the Father of the nation Israel, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the spiritual Father of all who believe in Christ. He is the author of salvation, the One who sent the Son, and the disciplinarian of His children. (Ex. 4:22; Ps. 2:7-9; John 5:37; Acts 17:29; Gal. 3:26; Eph. 1:3-6; Heb. 12:9; I Pet. 1:3)


We believe Jesus Christ is God incarnate, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, completely God and completely man. We believe in His pre-existence, His sinless life, His substitutionary atonement, His bodily resurrection from the grave, His ascension into Heaven, and His bodily return from Heaven.  (John 1:1, 14, 18; Luke 1:35; Rom. 3:24-26, 4:25; I Pet. 1:3-5;

Eph. 4:11-16; I Thess. 4:13-18; Heb. 1:3, 7:23-25; I John 2:1-2)


At the time of conversion, we believe that the Holy Spirit regenerates, indwells, baptizes, seals, and bestows spiritual gifts upon all who know Christ as Lord and Savior. Experientially, He fills, teaches, leads, assures, and prays for believers.  (John 14:26, 16:6-15; Acts 1:5, 2:1-4, 11:1-18;

Rom. 8:14-16, 26-27; I Cor. 6:19, 12:7-11, 13; Eph. 1:13-14, 5:18; II Thess. 2:1-10; Titus 3:5)


In the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, of one substance, power, and eternity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Father is neither begotten, nor proceeding: The Son is eternally begotten of the Father: the Holy Spirit eternally proceeding from the Father and the Son.  (I John 5:7; Matt. 3:16, 28:19; II Cor. 13:14; John 1:14, 15:26; Gal. 4:6)


We believe man was created in the image of God; that Adam in his first sin condemned not only himself but all mankind to an estate of sin. All of mankind in Adam is now separated from God and in need of a redeemer.  (Gen. 1:1, 27, 2:17, 3:1-19; Isa. 14:12-14; Luke 20:36; Heb. 1:13-14, 2:5-8; I Pet. 2:4; Jude 6; John 12:31; Heb. 2:14; Rev. 20:10; John 1:1-3, 8:44; Col. 1:16-17; Rom. 5:12-21; Eph. 2:1-3)


“In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will, that we who first trusted in Christ should be to the praise of His glory. In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to  the praise of His glory” (Eph. 1:11-14).  We affirm that these believers are eternally secure, have everlasting life, will not come into condemnation, and shall never perish. We believe that assurance comes to the believer from three primary means: trusting the Word of God’s promises, the witness of the Holy Spirit, and a persevering walk with the Lord. (John 1:12; I John 2:3, 17; II Cor. 5:17-21; Eph. 2:8-9; Titus 3:4-7; Dan. 12:1-2; Matt 25:31-46; John 3:16, 36,

5:24, 10:28-29, 11:25-26; Rom. 8:28-39; I John 4:11-13; Jude 1; Rev. 20:12-15)


We believe in the Church, both universally and locally, as the spiritual body of which Christ is the Head. The church exercises Christ’s authority until His return. We also believe that the church is entrusted with the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  (Matt. 16:18; cf. Acts 1:5, 11:15, and I Cor. 12:13; Eph. 1:22-23, 4:11-16, 5:22-23; Col. 1:18)


We believe that those whom God has saved are sent into the world by Christ as He was by the Father. Those sent are ambassadors, commissioned to make Christ known to the whole world and to make disciples teaching them to obey all that Christ has commanded.  (Matt. 28:18-20; John 15:8, 17:18, 20:21; Acts 1; Rom. 10:14-15; II Cor. 5:18-20; Col. 4:2-6; II Tim. 2:14-26)


We believe in the physical resurrection of the human body (at the second coming of Christ); in the eternal conscious existence of all individuals in either Heaven or Hell; and in the rewards of the saved and the punishment of the lost for eternity. (I Cor. 15; Luke 16:19-31; II Cor. 5:8-10; I Cor. 3:11-15)

Essentially, our Statement of Faith is best summarized in the five solas of the Reformation:

Sola Fide
By faith alone

Sola Gratia
 By grace alone

Solo Christo
 By Christ alone

Sola Scriptura
On the Word of God alone

Soli Deo Gloria
To God alone be the glory