Why Geneva?

If you want to provide you children with a classical Christian education that shapes their hearts and trains their minds, then The Geneva School is the Christian school for your family. In particular . . .

Geneva Equips Children to Serve Christ

The Geneva School will equip your children to serve Christ as Lord in every area of life as they receive a distinctively Christian education based completely on the Word of God. Every lesson is consistent with the Word of God and the Christian worldview. Every lesson helps students cultivate a positive Christian culture.

Geneva Hires Only Qualified Teachers Who Subscribe to a Statement of Faith and are Positive Christian Role Models

Only qualified teachers who believe in Christ and the perfection of His Word teach at Grace. You can rest assured that Geneva’s teachers have expertise in their subject areas, teach exceptionally well, and live as positive Christian role models both inside and outside of the classroom. Toward this end, Geneva applies exacting standards before it hires teachers, ensures that each teacher subscribes to a statement of the historic Christian faith, and enforces a teacher code of conduct that is one of the highest standards.

Geneva Admits Only Students from Like-minded Christian Families

The Geneva School will carefully admit only Christian students from likeminded families who are members of local churches and enforce biblical standards of conduct in the classroom and on the playground so that your children will be surrounded by other Christian students who share your faith and values without the negative peer pressure that can affect other Christian schools. The purpose of Christian education is not to surround Christian children with non-Christian students who do not share their faith or values. At Geneva we understand that the purpose of Christian education is to disciple students who are committed to the same faith and values as our students and to teach our students everything Christ commanded.

Geneva Provides Smaller Classrooms to Ensure Each Student’s Success

At The Geneva School, our average class size is between 10 and 15 students and will not exceed 20 students. Our low student-teacher ratio is a parent’s dream! Other Christian schools average between 23 – 25 students per class. This means that each student at Geneva receives more attention to ensure success. We limit our class size to make each one more intimate and to create an environment where children can thrive to the glory of God.

Geneva is Conveniently Located

The Geneva School’s campus is in Laguna Woods, only a mile or so off of the 5 and 73 freeways on El Toro Road. As such, it is conveniently located for families living in central and southern Orange County.